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What is a Grow Box?


Growing indoors can be especially rewarding because it can occur year-round with no regard for the weather or climate. If you’ve got your sights set on growing indoors and you’re considering your options, here are some things you should know about grow boxes. 

Grow boxes or cabinets, tend to be durable, heavy and sturdy, with hard exteriors. They are usually constructed of steel and aluminum and are easily able to support the necessary equipment for growing. Like tents, they also have a reflective interior of either a bright white plastic or a mylar-like film to maximize lighting. 

You can find them in a variety of sizes, although not to the extent of tents and they are a fixed dimension, so not expandable, allowing a finite amount of space and set up arrangements. That being said, many are divided into compartments allowing for continuous harvesting cycles for a perpetual grow. This kind of setup will allow you to experience all of the phases of growing under one roof.

Stealth is a particularly prominent feature of the grow box. By virtue of the construction materials, grow boxes tend to be quiet, “light-tight”, and free from emanating odors. To add to the discreetness, many have the appearance of a piece of furniture or a storage or file cabinet. This is an important value-added feature for those concerned with privacy. And if aesthetics is important to you, you can find some great options on the market. Locking doors add to security, safety, and peace of mind, especially if children are around.

Pre-assembly allows for a drastically reduced set up time. Grow boxes tend to be more the “plug and go” option with many of the features such as ventilation, lighting and growing media packaged together in a kit.

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