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A Buying Guide for MRCOOL Mini Splits


In the realm of cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions, mini splits have emerged as a popular choice for homeowners seeking to regulate the temperature of multiple rooms. Gone are the days of expensive installations and energy losses associated with ductworks. Among the leading names in the consumer industry, MRCOOL shines brightly as a manufacturer specializing in air conditioning and heating products. From air conditioners and mini splits to heat pumps and furnaces, MRCOOL covers a wide range of needs. With its headquarters and warehouse based in Hickory, KY, this proud American company is making waves with its innovative line of DIY mini splits.


MRCOOL Mini Splits: Empowering Homeowners

MRCOOL offers both single-zone and multi-zone mini splits, catering to the diverse cooling and heating needs of homeowners. However, what sets MRCOOL apart from the competition is its groundbreaking line of DIY mini splits. Designed to empower homeowners, these systems allow for self-installation without the need for specialized training or tools. Let's delve into the details of MRCOOL's DIY mini splits, exploring their features, models, and the advantages they bring to the table.


DIY 4th Gen Series: Revolutionizing Mini Split Installation

The DIY 4th Gen series represents the latest generation of MRCOOL mini splits. Available in both single- and multi-zone models, these systems boast Energy Star certification, high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) ratings. Equipped with wireless-enabled smart controllers, they offer seamless Wi-Fi control, integrating effortlessly into your smart home ecosystem.


Key Features of DIY 4th Gen Series:

  1. DIY Installation: These mini splits are specifically designed for easy installation by non-professionals, eliminating the need for costly HVAC technicians. With basic household tools, you can complete the installation in just a few hours.
  1. Wide SEER Range: MRCOOL's DIY mini splits achieve remarkable energy efficiency with SEER ratings of up to 22. This translates into substantial energy savings and reduced utility bills, ensuring optimal comfort without compromising on environmental sustainability.
  1. Smart Home Compatibility: Keeping up with the modern age, MRCOOL's DIY mini splits seamlessly integrate with popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Control your mini split effortlessly using voice commands or directly from your smart home menu.




Featured DIY 4th Gen Models:

  1. Single-zone DIY mini split: The MRCOOL DIY-18 is a remarkable single-zone mini split system that requires only a few hours and regular tools for installation. With a cooling capacity of 18,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), it efficiently cools rooms measuring approximately 550 – 800 sq. ft. (20′ x 25′ up to 29′ x 28′). This Energy Star-certified system boasts an impressive 22 SEER rating and an 11.5 HSPF rating. It includes a SmartController WiFi control module for easy integration into your smart home system and a 25-foot DIY Pro Cable. The package arrives in two parts, with the indoor unit containing all the necessary hardware for installation, including a wall template, mounting plate, wall sleeve, and remote control.
  1. Tri-zone DIY mini split: The MRCOOL DIY-MULTI3-27HP230C is a powerful tri-zone system capable of accommodating up to three indoor wall units, providing a total cooling capacity of 33,000 BTUs. The output capacity of the system is 27,000 BTUs, with the flexibility to connect up to 33,000 BTUs. It features a DC inverter variable speed compressor, ensuring high efficiency with a remarkable SEER rating of up to 22. What sets this model apart is its low ambient functionality, allowing it to operate at 100% cooling capacity even in temperatures as low as 5°F. This makes it an ideal choice for cooling applications in computer server rooms, greenhouses, and any other space that requires year-round temperature regulation. Additionally, the Gold Fin condenser is designed to resist long-term corrosion, providing added durability and peace of mind, especially for those living in coastal areas.
  1. Quadzone DIY mini split: For larger spaces requiring multi-zone cooling and heating, the MRCOOL DIY-MULTI4-36HP230C quad-zone system is an excellent choice. With a maximum cooling capacity of 42,000 BTUs, this system can accommodate up to four indoor wall units, ensuring efficient climate control throughout the designated areas. The system's output capacity is 36,000 BTUs, with the option to connect up to 42,000 BTUs. Achieving a commendable 21.5 SEER rating, this system utilizes a DC inverter and variable speed compressor for enhanced operational efficiency. MRCOOL's unique pre-charged Quick Connect Line Sets are compatible with this model, simplifying the installation process and eliminating the need for vacuuming. Line sizes of 1/4" x 1/2" are suitable for 9,000, 12,000, and 18,000 BTU indoor units, while a 3/8" x 5/8" line set is required for 24,000 BTU indoor units.
  1. DIY Ceiling Cassette mini split: For those seeking a discreet and versatile cooling solution, the MRCOOL DIYCASSETTE-18 ceiling cassette mini split is an excellent option. With a cooling capacity of 18,000 BTUs, it can effectively cool a room measuring approximately 550 – 800 sq. ft. (20′ x 25′ up to 29′ x 28′). This Energy Star-certified unit achieves a high SEER rating of 21.8 and an 11.6 HSPF rating. Designed to blend seamlessly into any installation, the low-profile ceiling cassette unit is compatible with standard 16" on-center ceiling joists or pre-manufactured I-Joists. Installation is a breeze, with the unit easily fitting between the joists and securely fastened with screws. The unique feature of the air filter panel adds convenience, allowing for easy filter cleaning or replacement through remote control activation of the Elevation Function. No ladders required! The DIYCASSETTE-18 includes a WiFi module for smart home integration, a 25 ft DIY Pro Cable, and a 25 ft line set. Crimped connectors and protective conduit covering ensure long-lasting durability.


MRCOOL's DIY Advantage: Empowering Homeowners

What truly sets MRCOOL apart is its commitment to providing a genuinely do-it-yourself experience with its mini splits. The DIY design revolutionizes the installation process, eliminating the need for professional HVAC technicians and reducing associated costs. MRCOOL achieves this through several patented innovations:

  1. Precharged Line Sets: MRCOOL's mini splits utilize R-410a pre-charged Quick Connect line sets, allowing non-professionals to install the system without requiring specialized tools, equipment, or training. These line sets simplify the installation process significantly. Without them, connecting, vacuuming, and charging the line set would necessitate expensive HVAC tools, making the installation considerably more expensive. To ensure reliability, the line sets undergo rigorous hydrostatic pressure testing conducted by independent product testing companies, subjecting the connected fitting assemblies to a minimum pressure of 400 PSI in an environmental chamber for eight hours. Additionally, a pull test of 500 pounds of force is performed to ensure the durability and strength of the line sets.
  1. DIYPro Cable: The DIYPro™ cable, available with the DIY 4th gen mini split series, eliminates the need for electrical conduit during installation. This armored cable is shielded in coated flexible conduit, providing higher mechanical protection and durability. It comes equipped with flexible easy connectors for seamless and trouble-free coupling, further simplifying the installation process.
  1. Coupler Kits: MRCOOL also offers coupler kits for situations where the included 25 ft line sets may not be long enough to accommodate specific installation needs. These coupler kits come in two sizes: one for 9,000, 12,000, and 18,000 BTU units, and another for 24,000, 36,000, and 48,000 BTU units. The coupler kits provide a convenient solution for extending the line sets, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in various installation scenarios.


Smart Home Integration for Enhanced Convenience

While MRCOOL's mini splits offer a DIY installation experience, they don't compromise on advanced technology and smart home integration. The 4th gen series comes equipped with an integrated wireless controller that allows users to control their MRCOOL mini split through a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, as long as there's an internet connection available. This is made possible through the MRCOOL SmartHVAC app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices.


The SmartHVAC app offers a wide range of convenient functions and features:

  1. Weekly Scheduling: With powerful 7-day scheduling functionality, users can easily program their desired air comfort settings and schedules for different times of the day and week. This ensures optimal comfort while maximizing energy efficiency.
  1. Filter Maintenance Reminder: The app includes a filter maintenance reminder feature, helping users keep track of the filter's condition and prompting them to clean or replace it as needed. This ensures that the mini split operates with optimal performance and maintains good indoor air quality.
  1. Geo Fencing: By utilizing geo-fencing technology, the SmartHVAC app can automatically detect when users are approaching their home or leaving it. This allows the mini split to be turned on before arrival and switched off automatically when leaving, maximizing energy savings and convenience.
  1. Zone Control: The app enables users to create dedicated air comfort zones within their home with a single touch control. This feature allows for personalized temperature settings in different areas, optimizing comfort and energy usage.

The SmartHVAC app also supports integration with popular smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. This means that users can control their MRCOOL mini split through voice commands or directly from their smart home menu, adding an extra level of convenience and accessibility.


Tracking Energy Usage for Cost Control

In an era where energy efficiency is a priority, the SmartHVAC app goes the extra mile by allowing users to track their heating or cooling usage. By monitoring energy consumption, users can gain valuable insights into their usage patterns and adjust their settings accordingly to optimize energy efficiency and control utility costs. This feature empowers users to make informed decisions about their energy usage and take proactive steps towards reducing their environmental footprint.


Make the Jump to DIY with MRCOOL

If you're looking to install a mini split system in your home without the cost, labor, and specialized requirements of a professional HVAC installation, MRCOOL provides the perfect solution. With their innovative DIY design, high energy efficiency ratings, and advanced smart home integration, MRCOOL mini splits offer homeowners a cost-effective and user-friendly way to achieve personalized comfort in multiple rooms. Say goodbye to expensive installation and complicated ductwork systems. With MRCOOL's range of mini splits, you can experience efficient cooling and heating while enjoying the benefits of easy installation and smart home integration.

MRCOOL's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their extensive product lineup. Let's explore some of the featured models from the DIY 4th gen series:

  1. Single-zone DIY Mini Split: The MRCOOL DIY-18 18000 BTU DIY 4th Gen Energy Star Series Single Zone Mini Split with Heat Pump is a versatile option for cooling and heating a single room. With a cooling capacity of 18,000 BTUs, it can effectively service an area of approximately 550 – 800 sq. ft. (20′ x 25′ up to about 29′ x 28′). This Energy Star-certified unit boasts impressive ratings, including a high SEER of 22 and an HSPF of 11.5. The package includes the SmartController WiFi control module for seamless integration with your smart home system, as well as a 25-foot DIY Pro Cable for easy installation.
  1. Tri-zone DIY Mini Split: For those with multiple rooms to cool and heat, the MRCOOL DIY-MULTI3-27HP230C 4th Gen 27000 BTU Configurable Tri-Zone Mini Split is an excellent choice. This system can accommodate up to three indoor wall units, totaling 33,000 BTUs. With its 27,000 BTU output capacity and high SEER rating of up to 22, it offers energy-efficient performance. It also features a DC inverter variable speed compressor, ensuring optimal operational efficiency. The Gold Fin condenser provides added protection against corrosion, making it suitable for coastal areas or environments with high humidity levels.
  1. Quad-zone DIY Mini Split: If you have even more rooms to cool and heat, the MRCOOL DIY-MULTI4-36HP230C 4th Gen 36000 BTU Configurable Quad-Zone Mini Split is a powerful solution. This system can support up to four indoor wall units, providing a combined capacity of 42,000 BTUs. With its 36,000 BTU output capacity and a SEER rating of 21.5, it delivers efficient performance for all connected zones. The system incorporates a DC inverter and variable speed compressor for enhanced operational efficiency, while the unique pre-charged Quick Connect Line Sets simplify the installation process.
  1. DIY Ceiling Cassette Mini Split: The MRCOOL DIYCASSETTE-18 18000 BTU Ceiling Cassette DIY 4th Gen Energy Star Series Single Zone Mini Split with Heat Pump offers a discreet and stylish cooling and heating solution. Designed as a low-profile unit, it seamlessly blends into any installation. With a cooling capacity of 18,000 BTUs, it can comfortably cool an area of approximately 550 – 800 sq. ft. (20′ x 25′ up to about 29′ x 28′). It features an impressive SEER rating of 21.8 and an HSPF of 11.6. The ceiling cassette is designed for easy installation between standard 16" on-center ceiling joists or pre-manufactured I-Joists. The air filter panel can be lowered remotely for effortless cleaning or replacement.


MRCOOL's DIY mini splits offer several advantages over traditional systems. By eliminating the need for professional installation, homeowners can save on installation costs and have the flexibility to install the system at their convenience. The pre-charged line sets and DIYPro Cable simplify the installation process, removing the need for specialized tools and equipment.

Moreover, MRCOOL's mini splits are not only easy to install but also equipped with advanced features for smart home integration. The 4th gen series comes with an integrated wireless controller that allows you to control your MRCOOL mini split from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet. By downloading the MRCOOL SmartHVAC app, available for both Apple and Android devices, you can take advantage of various functions and capabilities.

One notable feature of the app is the Weekly Scheduling functionality, which enables you to set specific air comfort settings and timing for each day of the week. This means you can customize your cooling and heating preferences according to your daily routine, ensuring optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

The app also provides a Filter Maintenance Reminder, helping you stay on top of filter cleaning or replacement. Regular maintenance of the air filter is essential for maintaining efficient airflow and indoor air quality. With the reminder feature, you won't have to worry about forgetting this important task.

Another useful feature is Geo Fencing, which takes advantage of your smartphone's location to automatically control your mini split. With Geo Fencing enabled, the system can detect when you are approaching your home and automatically turn on the mini split to your preferred settings, ensuring a comfortable environment when you arrive. Likewise, when you leave the designated area, the system can switch off automatically, saving energy in your absence.

The Zone Control feature of the app allows you to create dedicated air comfort zones within your home with a single touch. You can easily adjust the temperature and settings for different rooms or areas independently, tailoring the cooling and heating to each space's specific needs. This level of customization enhances both comfort and energy efficiency, as you can prioritize cooling or heating only the rooms that are occupied, rather than wasting energy on unoccupied areas.

Furthermore, the MRCOOL SmartHVAC app supports integration with popular voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. This means you can control your mini split using voice commands, giving you hands-free convenience and control over your comfort settings.

The app also provides energy usage tracking, allowing you to monitor and analyze your heating and cooling patterns. By understanding your energy consumption, you can make informed decisions to optimize efficiency and reduce utility costs.

In addition to the innovative features and ease of installation, MRCOOL mini splits are backed by a solid warranty. The DIY 4th gen series comes with a 7-year compressor warranty and a 5-year parts warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance of the product's durability and reliability.



MRCOOL has established itself as a leading brand in the mini split market by offering high-quality, energy-efficient, and user-friendly solutions. The DIY 4th gen series stands out with its easy installation process, thanks to pre-charged line sets and the DIYPro Cable, making it accessible for homeowners without specialized HVAC knowledge. The smart home integration capabilities, including the MRCOOL SmartHVAC app and compatibility with voice assistants, add a new level of convenience and control to your cooling and heating experience. Whether you need a single-zone or multi-zone solution, MRCOOL has a diverse range of models to cater to your specific needs. With MRCOOL mini splits, you can enjoy comfort, efficiency, and the satisfaction of a DIY installation.